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Flirtacious Looks

Monarch Lash Pack

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My newest Monarch Lash Pack is the PERFECT Flirtacious Looks lash duo.  In addition to my lash applicator, the two lashes featured are Baby Girl (angled lash) & Charmer (round lash).  Both are made of silk, making them very natural and comfortable to wear while creating a subtle yet dramatic effect on the eyes.  A definite fan-favorite, they are reusable, vegan, and the perfect touch to any soft glam.

I chose these two specific lashes because they each hold a very special place in my heart.  Fun fact, Charmer was actually named after Boxy Charm when I was first featured back in May 2020.  A milestone career moment for me. Baby Girl, on the other hand, is dedicated to my dad, my guiding light for all that I do, who I wish I could share this new milestone moment with!  Just like the Monarch butterfly reminds us of transformation and the natural cycles of life, the Monarch butterfly represents just that for me.  I know he has helped me get to this moment and I couldn’t think of a better combination for this beautiful opportunity.