Meet Your Girl


My name is Tricia, better known as Flirtacious Looks®. I am an Artist, Educator, and CEO/Entrepreneur empowering women through my passion and knowledge for makeup and self-expression. My journey as an artist began in 2012 working for MAC Cosmetics, and I officially launched my own cosmetics brand in 2018.

Since, I have proudly created multiple products found throughout Flirtacious Looks® Cosmetics — all designed to empower your inner flirt! Because I’ve been doing this for so long, I have studied and learned what the community loves, what works and what doesn’t. I have mastered the ability to use my knowledge and expertise to actively reach my audience and create everlasting, valuable relationships through everything Flirtacious Looks represents.

My newest Monarch Lash Pack is the perfect Flirtacious Looks® lash duo. In addition to my lash applicator, the two lashes featured are Baby Girl (angled lash) & Charmer (round lash). Both are made of silk, making them very natural and comfortable to wear while creating a subtle yet dramatic effect on the eyes. A definite fan-favorite, they are reusable, vegan, and the perfect touch to any soft glam. I chose these two specific lashes because they each hold a very special place in my heart.

Fun fact, Charmer was actually named after Boxy Charm when I was first featured back in May 2020. A milestone career moment for me. Baby Girl, on the other hand, is dedicated to my dad, my guiding light for all that I do, who I wish I could share this new milestone moment with! Just like the Monarch butterfly reminds us of transformation and the natural cycles of life, the Monarch butterfly represents just that for me. I know he has helped me get to this moment and I couldn’t think of a better combination for this beautiful opportunity.