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Flirtacious Looks® Cosmetics

The Elite 12-Brush Set Collection

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Enjoy our entire line of brushes. POUCH NOT INCLUDED.



  • Large face brush
  • Use with pressed or loose powder products. 
  • Pro Tip: Set your base with powder to lock in all-day wear.


  • Small face brush 
  • Densely packed bristles used for more controlled cheek application.
  • Pro Tip: Round out the cheek and apply to the apples or follow the contour for a more chiseled flush.


  • Precise contour brush 
  • Designed for both cream and powder product, the duo fibers allow to sculpt and blend simultaneously.
  • Pro Tip: Wet or Dry, designed to sculpt and blend. Sis has no preference.


  • THE Foundation Brush
  • Designed to create a smooth and even base for a flawless finish.
  • Pro Tip: Apply creams, primers, and foundation to prep for a smooth and even application.


  • Small concealer brush
  • A smaller version of base, CONCEAL was designed for perfection, precision & coverage.
  • Pro Tip: Get the precise liquid coverage needed to neutralize imperfections, and great to highlight and contour with.


  • Tapered crease brush
  • Achieve the right amount of fullness and firmness to achieve perfect blending and seamless transitions between colors. 
  • Pro Tip: Blend your eyeshadow crease with windshield wiping motions looking straight into the mirror. *Blending  with your eyes OPEN is key.


  • Small tapered blending  brush
  • Designed perfectly to diffuse smokey eyes. The tapered tip gives you control to blend, and add depth & drama.
  • Pro Tip: Pinched tapered shape  offers versatility: use the fullness of the tip for seamless blending or the flat end for better shading.


  • Mini tapered blending brush
  • Designed for controlled application of eyeshadow.
  • Pro Tip: The small tapered tip allows for a more controlled application of blending eyeshadow. Great for a dark detailed moment.


  • Small eyeshadow brush
  • PACK was specifically designed to apply, build, and press color onto the lid. She said full payout honey.
  • Pro Tip: Pack, build, or shade any form of eyeshadow when looking for full payout.


  • Small synthetic brush
  • Tap into concealers, glosses, glitters and all things liquid using the small precise tip for a smooth and even finish. 
  • Pro Tip:  You’re going to see how versatile this brush is. From a cut crease to a liquid lip, CUT works better when wet.


  • Flat definer brush
  • Designed for precise lining/diffusing
  • Pro Tip: Clean up your wing, your lip liner, your eye liner, your act, whatever you need sis. When it comes to lining, CLEAN was designed for the perfectionist.


  • Dual-ended eyebrow brush
  • Our only dual-ended brush is ideal for applying powder and liquid-based eye makeup. 
  • Pro Tip: BROW works for liquids, gels, & creams. The spiral spoolie shape grooms/applies product to either lashes or brows, while the other side is a small angled tip designed for all formulas.