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Flirtacious Looks® Cosmetics

The Flawless Face Set

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Flawless Makeup Starts Here – POWDER, BLUSH, CONTOUR, BASE, CONCEAL.

Introducing The Flawless Face Set from our latest collection, The Elite Makeup Brushes, these 5 face brushes are the complete face brushes for smooth application and a flawless finish. 

⚪️Powder: A large face brush with a tapered finish, created precisely for powder & setting makeup. When looking for control & blend-ability POWDER was designed to set your liquid base for an all day wear.

⚪️Blush: A small face brush used to round the apples of the cheek or on the highest points for an angled flush. BLUSH is a versatile brush with dual flat & fluffy shape. Designed for however you get cheeky.

💧Contour: A short duo fibre brush designed to contour & define. Sis has no preference, use the duo synthetic fibers to contour with cream or powder. Wet or dry; CONTOUR was designed to sculpt while simultaneously blending.

💧Base: A flat paddle-shaped foundation brush that creates a smooth even application of liquid products. Great makeup starts with the proper BASE, & this CEO favorite was designed for all things face. The synthetic fibers in BASE are wound tightly together for precise application of creams, primers, & foundation.

💧Conceal: A small flat paddle-shaped concealer brush designed for spot-on coverage. CONCEAL has tightly wound bristles to blur all imperfections with concealer formulas and other emollient products. A smaller version of Base, CONCEAL was designed for perfection, precision & coverage.